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Watch: Blitzen Trapper’s Country-Western Epic


The boys in Portland, OR, band Blitzen Trapper may seem like the slacker-type with their tattered rags and aloof ‘tudes, but these dudes are downright ambitious — just check out their new music video, a Country-Western epic about an outlaw killer, complete with elaborate costumes and sets that move from open desert to a Jerry Springer-style talk show!

The video is for “Black River Killer,” a country ditty off the group’s latest album, Furr. And its story line adheres to frontman Eric Earley’s dark narrative about a sin-prone cowboy, his dastardly deeds, and qualms with the “spirits that call his soul to sin.”

Watch the video below. Tell us what you think in the comment section.

Blitzen Trapper, “Black River Killer” music video [via Spinner]