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Hot New Band: Free Energy


Philadelphia quintet Free Energy’s excellent debut single, also called “Free Energy,” is a perfectly tart, semi-glammy, Thin Lizzy-style nugget of summery rock’n’roll, the kind of tune the kids in Dazed and Confused might play loud, with the top down, on their way to party at the moon tower.

Free Energy’s core members — guitarist Scott Wells and singer Paul Sprangers, formerly of similarly retro-minded Minneapolis outfit Hockey Night — caught the attention of DFA Records honcho Jonathan Galkin. Soon thereafter, the duo landed in the studio with Galkin’s DFA partner/LCD Soundsystem guru James Murphy to record their tentatively-titled debut album, Stuck on Nothing, which should emerge in early 2010.

“We just weren’t getting the right sounds,” says Wells of their pre-Murphy recording sessions. “James totally gets everything that we’re doing. We have a similar love of classic rock, and he was the perfect guy to do it, even if the stuff he usually does is a little colder.”

Now fleshed out into a quintet, Free Energy are playing a smattering of shows around the country this summer, and are seeking some more concrete touring options for the fall. Until they hit your town, download their self-titled single below.

LISTEN: Free Energy, “Free Energy”(DOWNLOAD MP3)