free energy

Weezer Plan All-Star Cruise Fest

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo has revealed the group's coolest concert yet: a five-day sea-faring music festival dubbed The Weezer Cruise, set to take place early…
Nate Brennan / July 12, 2011

Foxy Shazam and Free Energy Headline SPIN Tour

"Show me your ass, baby! Show me your ass!" Eric Nally of Foxy Shazam was yowling in Montreal's tiny bar Jukebox, and despite the crowd…
Mark Lepage / October 18, 2010

Foxy Shazam, Free Energy to Kick Off SPIN Tour

Next Tuesday, Cincinnati's glam outfit Foxy Shazam and Philadelphia's fun-lovin' '70s rock revivalists Free Energy are hitting the road together. Why should you care? Because…
William Goodman / October 9, 2010

WATCH: Free Energy Rocks SPIN’s NYC Office

The debut album by Philly retro rockers Free Energy, Stuck on Nothing, is a fun-loving soundtrack to summertime-so they were a fitting performer at the…
Peter Gaston / August 27, 2010

Fun Lovin’ Free Energy Rock SPIN’s NYC Office

The most striking thing about Free Energy -- besides their pitch-perfect power pop -- is that they do it all without a hint of irony.
John Macdonald / August 13, 2010

Free Energy Play Live SPIN Webcast!

Free-wheelin' Philly retro rockers Free Energy are one of SPIN's 10 to Watch in 2010 -- and now they're bringing their sunny summer jams to…
SPIN Staff / August 9, 2010

Terrific Twitter Trio of the Week

Lots of people tweet -- but all that Twitters is not gold.
Anna Hyclak / March 23, 2010

SPIN to Host Hole’s First U.S. Gig!

After a triumphant return to the stage this week in London, Courtney Love and Hole will play their first U.S. show in more than a…
Peter Gaston / February 19, 2010

Mark Hoppus’ Pick of the Week: Free Energy

When he's not commandeering the stage as the boisterous bassist for SoCal punks Blink-182, Tweeting wisdom to more than 1.6 million followers, or handling album…
SPIN Staff / December 16, 2009

Hot New Band: Free Energy

Philadelphia quintet Free Energy's excellent debut single, also called "Free Energy," is a perfectly tart, semi-glammy, Thin Lizzy-style nugget of summery rock'n'roll, the kind of…
Peter Gaston / July 16, 2009