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The Killers: Sick of Each Other?


Word is that the Killers are ready to murder each other.

And it’s not because Brandon Flowers’ idol, Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys, thinks the Killers frontman’s new beard will send his career into nosedive. It’s apparently due to a lack of “me time.” They’re tired — according to UK tabloid The Daily Mirror — specifically, of each other.

A “band insider” explained to the paper that the current strain within the group was caused by their relentless tour schedule: “They’re exhausted. They haven’t had a break since they first formed and it has started getting to them,” the source said. “When they started out they were all good friends, but they just don’t seem to get on any more. They are sick of the sight of each other.”

According to the source, it’s perpetually-styled singer Flowers who holds the band together. “Brandon tries to be a peacemaker but when he loses it the whole band falls apart. They know taking a break could damage their career but they can’t see a way out and they don’t want to split.”

Still, a spokesman for the band quelled rumors of the rough patch by insisting to the tabloid that all was peaceful within the group.

Gotcha. But, hey guys: It’s cool if you don’t get a long all the time. Look at Oasis — they don’t always see eye-to-eye and they’re still together. In fact, now might be a good time to meditate on something a wise man by the name of John Mayer recently said — sometimes love is about “the art of war of love.” Yeah…