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Cryptacize, ‘Mythomania’ (Asthmatic Kitty)

Pocked by rickety reggae (“Tail & Mane”) and tentative ditties that sound like work tapes threaded beneath finished vocals — one snaky riff is tellingly dubbed “One Block Wonders” — Cryptacize’s latest squanders the band’s natural resource: singer Nedelle Torrisi. Smudged with smoky hints of vintage Debbie Harry, Torrisi’s bell-clear voice is as well suited to the scuffed-up girl-group pop of the title track as it is to the bittersweet indie rock of “What You Can’t See Is.” Trouble is, that terrific latter track finds Chris Cohen at the mic, and as a singer, the ex-Deerhoof guitarist makes a great sideman. His barely serviceable delivery spotlights Mythomania‘s mistakes of commission — and omission.

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