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Web Weirdness: Kings of Leon Practice Magic, and More


The Kings of Leon tapped London conjuror Sav for magic lessons. Meanwhile their grandfather Leon, a longtime preacher, has asked the band to rescind their name. [Chartattack]

New York City officials have named Times Square’s 53rd street “U2 Way.” Why? To stop Bono from complaining about streets with no names. [New York Daily News]

Weezer are rumored to be opening blink-182‘s reunion tour. Guys, say it ain’t so. [Buzzgrinder]

If the Flaming Lips‘ “Do You Realize??” is Oklahoma’s official rock song, what are the other 49 states spinning? Well, California has the Full House theme… Bob Saget rejoices. [Idolator]

New Zealand city Christchurch is hoping to clear loiterers from local malls by playing Barry Manilow‘s music. Yep, with “Mandy” on repeat even the most resolute mall rats will vacate Hot Topic. [Associated Press]

Want to be the next mix-master mega-star? Check out this drum machine, powered by touching the keys on your computer’s keyboard. FYI: Swearwords sound best. []