Exclusive: Superdrag Get Pissed-Off!


Superdrag are back — and they’re pissed-off!

On “Aspartame,” a tune off their first album in seven years, Industry Giants (out March 17), vocalist John Davis rants about war, video games, the artificial sweetener the song takes its name from, and the general “wickedness at hand.” The video serves the lyrics with projected images of bomber jet planes, skulls and crossbones, and working-class masses that cross a screen as the foursome shred through the rockin’ tune with searing electric guitar, driving rhythms, and, unexpectedly, a bridge with dub-style grooves.

It’s a no-frills concept that places attention on tune’s musical and lyrical assault. Oh, and guys: we’re digging the all-white outfits.

Check out the video below. Then unleash your rage (politely, please) in the comments section.


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