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Top 5 Bands from Milan Fashion Week


Brit fashion superstar Vivienne Westwood dressed the Sex Pistols and was largely responsible for bringing punk style into the mainstream. So who better to turn to when searching for hot new bands?

For her show during Milan Fashion Week, Westwood teamed with music director Jerry Bouthier to create a catwalk soundtrack chock full of the best emerging groups from Europe and beyond. “I’m out to introduce all kinds of exciting new music regardless of origins or genre,” Bouthier tells Those genres range from proto-punk to down-tempo electro.

His favorite band from the Westwood soundtrack? Empire of the Sun. “They’re like MGMT’s cousins, psychedelic folk with a disco beat and a strong pop flavor. They’re great!”

Below, check out’s top five picks from Westwood’s Milan Fashion Week catwalk.Then watch video of the complete fashion show, including the 10-minute music mix!

Empire of the Sun:
With dance-y beats, folky acoustics, psychedelic keyboard melodies, and outrageous outfits to boot, this London-based duo could be the next MGMT — but even catchier.[MySpace]

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis
R&B, blues, and country with an array of instruments, from banjo to xylophone, that sounds like early Elvis crossed with a jazz band — and it’s courtesy of three British siblings, all under the age of 20. Believe it! [MySpace]

Stereo Art:
This London duo mix sparse electric guitar a la Joy Division withminimalist, laptop-generated beats, keyboard atmospherics, and, at times, string arrangements. Moody and cinematic, Stereo Art are innovators with their combination of genres. That, and their tune “London Init” pokes fun at an English brogue. [MySpace]

A Reminiscent Drive:
Lounge-y, World Music-inspired tunes often suck. But with his mix of electronic flourishes and down-tempo beats with Spanish guitars, horns, and interspersed vocal samples, Parisian Jay Alansky argues otherwise. And he’s convincing. [MySpace]

Selfish Cunt:
Though notorious for sabotaging Snow Patrol’s gear and throwing horse manure at Pete Doherty, this London quartet led by Martin Tomlinson is just as renowned for their sound — an Industrial-tinged take on Iggy Pop with fast-paced proto-punk guitars and metal-on-metal electronic sounds. [MySpace]

Watch: Vivienne Westwood’s Milan show