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Free Download: Will.i.Am’s Obama Tribute


On Barack Obama’s inauguration day, Will.i.Am is again paying tribute to the Chicago native and the Red, White, and Blue.

“America’s Song,” the latest patriotic track from the Black Eyed Peas emcee, was unveiled yesterday on Oprah. The tune, a “We Are the World”-like track for the new U.S.A., features appearances by sometime collaborator Bono. as well as Mary J. Blige and Seal, and will be available as a free download on Oprah’s website until 5 P.M. EST today.

Will.i.Am gave the television queen the exclusive on the song’s chorus: “America is beautiful / My America, your America, our America is beautiful.”

“The meaning of this song is being proud of America,” he said.”I wanted to write the new American anthem for this day and age — for this generation.”