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First Listen: Eminem Unveils New Song


Originally titled “Number One” when leaked as an incomplete demo last November, Eminem’s first official album track, “Crack a Bottle” (listen below), surfaced online yesterday. What changed? The final version features verses from frequent collaborators Dr. Dre and 50 Cent.

Eminem’s highly-anticipated comeback album Relapse is still without an official release date, but “Crack a Bottle” should hold fans over with its rare on-the-mic cameo from Dr. Dre, introduced by Eminem as “Andre the Giant.”

Meanwhile, the track’s other guest star, 50 Cent, attracted attention yesterday with his own album update — revealing the official tracklist for his upcoming release Before I Self Destruct. Eminem will guest on 50 Cent’s “Norman Bates Motel” song, which Dre produces.

Geez, spend time together much? If we were their fifth grade math teacher, we might feel the need to separate these three. In fact, they sort of remind us of some other guys we know.

LIsten to Eminem’s official version of “Crack a Bottle”: