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Death Row Buyers Fear Suge Knight

Hip-hop collectors will face a dilemma come January 15, when unreleased Death Row tracks from artists like Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg will hit the auction block: Do you buy the songs and potentially piss off Suge?

Former Death Row boss Marion “Suge” Knight was forced to surrender his stake in the label when he declared bankruptcy in 2006. And since he wasn’t exactly happy about parting with the music, auction watchers are predicting wariness on the part of bidders. [Via]

But why fear Suge? Surely he understands that it’s business — nothing personal. He seems like a pretty reasonable, peace-loving guy. It’s not as if he blames other people for being parted from his prized possessions.

And what about that time when Lydia Harris, who helped found Death Row, sued Knight and was awarded a $107 million settlement. Didn’t she say that Knight said something after it was all over along the lines of “no hard feelings”? Oh wait, no — we remember now: Harris said Knight told her, “You dead, bitch.”

On second thought maybe we don’t really need any more Death Row tracks. We’ll just wait for them to leak online — if that’s okay with you, Suge.

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