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Robbie Williams Reveals Drug Habits

The pop star talks about, um, smoking rubber. Click here for the wacky details!

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. And when drug dealers give you rubber, you smoke it anyway. At least, that’s the way Brit pop star Robbie Williams sees it.

Taking a walk down drug-taking memory lane, the pop star recently recounted his greatest altered-state moments to UK paper Daily Mirror [via].

“I could do the whole [rolling] process in one hand in a car while it was moving,” the singer proudly revealed of his joint-preparing prowess, before owning up to being conned by a dealer. “Once I bought a lump of resin and it was rubber from someone’s shoe, so I smoked it anyway.”

Williams is currently recording his next album which is said to be due out in 2009 [via].