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Paul McCartney Eyes Killers Collabo

You'll never guess how the former Beatle approached Brandon Flowers and Co. about the partnership. Click here for the scoop!

In “sounds like we made this up” news, Paul McCartney is rumored to have expressed a desire to work with the Killers after seeing them perform at London’s Royal Albert Hall last month. Not that hard to believe, right? We’re not done. According to UK newspaper The Sun [via], the former Beatle reportedly approached Brandon Flowers sporting (wait for it) … an Alice Cooper mask.

After unmasking and revealing his true identity, McCartney was apprehended by Scooby and the gang chatted with the Vegas foursome. “He was wearing the mask and dancing around. Then he took off the mask and introduced himself,” Flowers said.

“Paul had a great time at the gig,” a source told The Sun. “He loves their music and their great attitude. He was as pleased to meet them as they were to meet him but they were gobsmacked when he said he’d love to do something with them music-wise.”

If something musical does come of the mutual admiration society, we think it’s only fitting they get Cooper in on the action. Or, at the very least, don some eye makeup for the occasion — we’re guessing Flowers could teach McCartney a few things in that department.