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Music Feud: Katy Perry vs. Lily Allen


Katy Perry: You should be ashamed of yourself.

We thought you were all about girl-on-girl love, so what’s this we hear about you hating on your sisters? It’s no wonder Lily Allen was a tad stand-offish when you met. And you chalked it up to “British reserve.” Yeah, not so much.

Allen explained the situation on UK radio station Capital FM [via]. “When I met her I was bit frosty with her because someone asked her to describe herself. She’s like, ‘Aha, I’m like a fatter version of Amy Winehouse and a skinnier version of Lily Allen!’ It’s like, you’re not English and you don’t write your own songs, shut up!”

When news of Allen’s comments reached Perry, she had the following to say to US Weekly: “Yeah, I made a joke about [that] earlier this year. I was just kind of joking and trying to be funny. I didn’t mean anything by it. Comedians are not necessarily to be taken super seriously.”

That sounds less like “I’m super sorry” and more like “I’m sorry you’re souptight that you don’t understand my (svelte) comedic ways.”

Listen KP, if you’re going to make it in the apologizing game, may we suggest taking notes from a pro.