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Anthony Green Offers Unreleased Songs to Charitable Fans

081114-anthony-green.jpg always supports giving to a good cause. And now, dear readers, you have the chance to contribute to a charitable effort spearheaded by Circa Survive frontman and solo artist Anthony Green — and receive two new songs in the process.

We’ll let Green explain himself:

“My cousin and dear friend Jacqui Haenn was involved in a terrible car accident Nov. 1, upon arriving at her school after Halloween break. She is in critical condition.Along with extensive medical bills, it is going to cost her family $13,000 to fly her via medical helicopter to a hospital in Philadelphia so they can see her and monitor her progress. She may have to be in the hospital for well over a year. I’m putting these songs up for download donation and all of the money is going to her family to help pay for the transportation.Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and thanks for your support. Love, Anthony”

Click here to visit Green’s website and donate via PayPal. All who contribute will be directed to a download link for two previously unreleased songs: “Ripped Apart” and a cover of the Monkees’ “Take a Giant Step.”

We’ve made our donation — and both the cause and the new songs are well worth your time and whatever you can spare.