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Catch the Buzz: Miniature Tigers


Who? Like the product of an upbringing heavy on TV dinners and Saturday morning cartoons, creative force Charlie Brand — with help from Rick Schaier (drums/vocals) and Eli Brandom (guitar) — exudes a uncanny knack for playful jingle-like melodies just hinting at an under-the-surface melodrama. And with debut Tell it to the Volcano, which follows a pair of EPs dropped this spring, Brand expands the walls of his intimate bedroom ditties to full fledged indie-pop mini-epics, steeped in melodious hooks — both instrumental and vocal — and an array of lyrical topics as eclectic as the Tube’s frequencies themselves.

Their latest: Tell it to the Volcano, the trio’s debut full-length, arrives Aug. 19 via Modern Art Records.

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Now Hear This: “Like or Like Like”(DOWNLOAD MP3)