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Catch the Buzz: Miniature Tigers

Arizona-bred bard hits Hollywood and fleshes out catchy indie-pop on debut full-length, Tell it to the Volcano, out Aug. 19 via Modern Art Records.

Who? Like the product of an upbringing heavy on TV dinners and Saturday morning cartoons, creative force Charlie Brand — with help from Rick Schaier (drums/vocals) and Eli Brandom (guitar) — exudes a uncanny knack for playful jingle-like melodies just hinting at an under-the-surface melodrama. And with debut Tell it to the Volcano, which follows a pair of EPs dropped this spring, Brand expands the walls of his intimate bedroom ditties to full fledged indie-pop mini-epics, steeped in melodious hooks — both instrumental and vocal — and an array of lyrical topics as eclectic as the Tube’s frequencies themselves.

Their latest: Tell it to the Volcano, the trio’s debut full-length, arrives Aug. 19 via Modern Art Records.

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Now Hear This: “Like or Like Like”(DOWNLOAD MP3)