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Takka Takka


What? With fleshed out mellow guitar riffs and ethereal soundscapes, Takka Takka has conjured a retro-dreamy blend of alternative rock on their highly anticipated sophomore album, Migration. Sure enough, Takka Takka has produced an album hotter than the devil’s workshop to illustrate their abstractly perfect blend of tangled drums and crooning vocals. Migration drenches itself with rapturous melodies and a laid-back mash up of smooth indie rock ‘n’ roll. “Silence” reverberates with slow-tempo percussions and stringy guitar jams that result in finger-tapping ecstasy. Gabe Levine’s droning hymns and Conrad Doucette’s soft bass highlight their musical za za zsu, extending to the artsy yet swaggering tunes (“Fall down where you stand”) and ghostly musical arrangements (“Change, No Change”).

Who? From the musical holy land of Brooklyn, Takka Takka is comprised of fivesome Gabe Levine (vocals), Conrad Doucette (drums), Drew Thurlow (guitar), Rene Planchon (guitar), and Grady Jurrens (bass). Formed in 2004, the group released We Feel Safer At Night in 2006, which attracted the musical ears of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and ended with an invitation from the band to join their 2006 tour. Shortly after playing at SXSW in 2007, Takka Takka signed onto Ernest Jenning Record Co. with Migration to tout.

Fun Fact: Takka Takka enlisted the creative juices of some scene heavyweights on Migration, including producer Sean Greenhalgh of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Further contributions came from Bryan Devendorf of Brooklyn’s the National, with Lee Sargent of CYHSY, Olga Bell of Bell, and Charles Burst also finger snapping their way onto the record.

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