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In My Room: Lil Mama


1. HOMEMADE POSTER “I was on tour with Chris Brown, and one of my fans gave me this poster with my pictures. To have a grown male fan, it really shocked me, but I was happy to know that someone really cared and knew my background, like where I’m from. I think that’s pretty special.”

2. SKI GOGGLES “I wore them in my video for ‘Shawty Get Loose,’ in the scene where I had the purple wig on and am wearing all white. It was really spacey.”

3. TELETUBBY ANTENNA “The Teletubbies’ company sent me a whole package with different little headpieces. And this one is Po’s headband. Po is my favorite.”

4. COOKIE MONSTER TOY“This is my sister’s Cookie Monster. She’s five, and she’s all over him. Toys like this always end up in my room or in my hair. You never know what you’re going to get inthis house.”

5. BALL CAP“I love hats, period. And I always leave my ponytail out at the top. I’m going to have some custom-made really soon.”

6. SNEAKERS“That’s the first glittery custom pair of kicks I ever got. I wore them in an episode of [BET’s live video countdown show] 106 & Park.”

7. SCARF“It smells like somebody else’s hair. [Yells] Who’s been in my room?! Ed Hardy gave me this. I said I needed a scarf to tie my hair up, and they sent me about 15. This one’s my favorite; the rest I gave away to the community-cousins, friends.I’m always giving something away.”

8. BOARD GAME“There was a program called ‘Playschool’ at my elementary school-class of’97-and we used to play Candy Land all the time. This version has Mickey Mouse, but I had the original Candy Land.”

9. CEREAL“Fruity Pebbles is my favorite. I eatit every morning, no matter where I am. If I’m on the road, I keep Fruity Pebbles packed in a suitcase.”

10. HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE “The movie and book are sick, for sure. I’ve read the popular ones. My brother reads them all, but I don’t really have the time. I need to find the time-you know, on a flight instead of sleeping.”

More about Lil Mama:

While the video for “Shawty Get Loose,” off her debut album, Voice of the Young People, is in heavy rotation on MTV, it’s her judging on the channel’s America’s Best Dance Crew that lights up the pint-size “Lip Gloss” rapper (born Niatia Kirkland). “JabbaWockeeZ and Status Quo always brought something new to the table,” she says of season one’s winner and runner-up. “I go backstage and talk to them, but you can’t really get personal, because you’re a judge.”