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Video Vault: Ben Kweller

Watch footage of the ragamuffin rocker performing Smashing Pumpkins' "Today," then jump aboard Kweller's Volvo, a.k.a. Annabelle, for a video interview and tour of his Brooklyn 'hood.

With our extensive festival coverage to exclusive performances, interviews, and beyond, has culled an enormous, and continually growing video catalogue full of excellent clips, and with this new regular feature, we’ll be dipping into this video vault to show off some of our best.

Today’s (May 12) clip recalls Spin’s July ’07 issue, which arrived to newsstands with a free CD of ten covers of Smashing Pumpkins classics — amongst them, Ben Kweller’s acoustic take on Billy Corgan and crew’s Siamese Dream gem “Today.” Kweller, an avid Pumpkins fan, invited to film him performing the tune on the Brooklyn waterfront, and to unearth what is about the alt-rock legends’ oeuvre that has so greatly influenced his music.

Check out footage of the spot-on, turned-down tune, then join and Kweller in the rocker’s time-honored Volvo, nicknamed Annabelle, for a video interview and tour of Kweller’s Brooklyn ‘hood.

Now Watch This:
Ben Kweller’s live cover of “Today”

Ben Kweller’s in-car interview and neighborhood tour

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