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Review: The Helio Sequence

Watch footage of the Portland-based duo cranking out "Can't Say No" during our William Goodman's favorite set of SXSW.

And the award goes to…the Helio Sequence! That’s correct: after a week jam packed with more shows than one can count, I can now answer the incessant “who was best?” query: the Helio Sequence receives my vote for the Best Show of SXSW ’08.

Friday night (March 14) at the Sub Pop showcase, drummer Benjamin Weikel and frontman Brandon Summers met an uncharacteristically large crowd and dove directly into pop-centric shoegaze-digitalism of new LP Keep Your Eyes Ahead. Weikel animatedly moved in atomic time algorithms and manned the computer as Summers fiddled with his numerous guitar pedals, layering riff upon riff. New track “Hallelujah” was the defining point; the rapid-fire lyrics and outer space sonic paired with precise, forefront drumming sealed the deal.

Now Watch This:The Helio Sequence, “Can’t Say No”

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