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White Denim

Who? Although from different parts of the country,White Denim’s founding members Josh Block (drums) and James Petralli(guitar/vocals) met in Dallas. The pair eventually moved to Austin andformed the alt-rock outfit, Parque Torche. After spotting bassist SteveTerebeki performing with another local act, Peach Train, Block andPetralli asked him to join them for what would eventually become WhiteDenim. The trio’s self-titled 2007 debut, the Let’s Talk About It EP, is available now via iTunes.

What’s the Deal? Let’s Talk About Itoffers a quality dose of hearty garage rock and punk rock aesthetic,it’s pretty addictive. The swooping guitars, jumpy percussion andhollow vocals on the hallucinogenic “I Can Tell” is a slight nod to Dr.Dog, but “Let’s Talk About It” is equally raw. This Mando Diao-likepiece urgently blasts an echoing guitar riff before devolving into abewildering cacophony of trance-y beeps and sticky bass lines. Really,White Denim’s infectious rawk zooms from one realm to another, finallydropping listeners in the midst of the raucous Camaro rock frenzy of”Darksided Computer Mouth.”

Fun Fact: White Denimis quite literally as eclectic as their sound. Bass player SteveTerebeki tells, “We are all obsessed with food, the letter D,18 wheelers, plants, and trailer parks.” Look out for all of these infuture White Denim lyrics.

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