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What? Originally released to rave reviews -- including SPIN issuing 8 of 10 stars, calling it a "a damn beautiful album" -- this adventurous Britpop…
Miriam Lamey / October 13, 2008

Kings of Leon

What? Since their breakout sophomore set, 2005's Aha Shake Heartbreak, Kings of Leon have moved towards a larger sound, expanding upon their Southern fried roots.
Miriam Lamey / September 23, 2008

Aerosmith Crowns ‘Guitar Hero’ Champion in Boston

With the astounding score of 398,000, Eric Miller blew away his rivals on stage last night in Boston, winning the booty in the Guitar Hero:…
Miriam Lamey / August 26, 2008

The Walkmen

What? Reeling in the amped up sonic 2002's amped up debut Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me is Gone, indie rocker the Walkmen -- whose…
Miriam Lamey / August 11, 2008

Paul Weller

What? Even at 50 years old, Brit rock'n' roll icon Paul Weller hasn't missed a stride and will release his ninth solo album, 22 Dreams,…
Miriam Lamey / July 18, 2008

Ambulance Ltd. Charm Bostonians with Suave New Tunes

Boston may be experiencing fairly wild weather lately (70 degree temperatures one day, gale force winds the next), but last night (April 2) at Cambridge's…
Miriam Lamey / April 3, 2008

The LK

Who: Glasses-sporting, sweetly nerds Fredrik (cornet, guitars, vocals, loops) and Lindefelt (vocals, drums, noise percussion) hail from the small town of Malmö, Sweden and comprise…
Miriam Lamey / February 25, 2008

State Bird

Who? State Bird's core consists of Coby Hartzler (vocals/accordion/ Wurlitzer) and Jared Riblet (guitar/vocals), both hailing from Dover, OH. On their debut album, 2006's Marching…
Miriam Lamey / February 15, 2008

Wild Sweet Orange

Who? In a characteristically Southern happenstance,Birmingham, AL natives Preston Lovinggood (vocals) and Chip Kilpatrick(drums) met at church choir practice, and soon formed the nucleus ofwhat…
Miriam Lamey / January 18, 2008

The Shackeltons

Who? Hailing from Chambersberg, PA, the Shackeltonsfeatures Mark Redding (vocals), Eric Fisake (guitar), Dan Schuchman(guitar), Justin McDaniels (bass) and Sean Hallock (drums). Their nervypost-punk-induced self-titled…
Miriam Lamey / January 18, 2008

White Denim

Who? Although from different parts of the country,White Denim's founding members Josh Block (drums) and James Petralli(guitar/vocals) met in Dallas. The pair eventually moved to…
Miriam Lamey / January 18, 2008

White Williams Gets Ill

As his debut album, Smoke continues its assault on the blogosphere, Cleveland-bred synth-pop shredder White Willamskicked off his latest U.S. tour to a packed house…
Miriam Lamey / January 15, 2008

Dirty Projectors ‘Rise Above’ a Wintry Chill

The temperature in Boston was definitely below freezing last night(Dec. 5), but noise-rock oddities Dirty Projectors blasted their hot,raucous tunes to a packed audience at…
Miriam Lamey / December 7, 2007

Jens Lekman Spoils Red Sox Fans

Still swooning over the Red Sox's World Series victory, Beantownmusic fans welcomed Swedish songster Jens Lekman with open arms lastnight (Oct. 29) at the Paradise.
Miriam Lamey / October 30, 2007


Who? Amidst carving out a solo career in the mid-2000s, notably with 2005's Birds & Rain, singer/songwriter Carter Tanton made the short move from Baltimore…
Miriam Lamey / October 12, 2007

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