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The Shackeltons

Who? Hailing from Chambersberg, PA, the Shackeltonsfeatures Mark Redding (vocals), Eric Fisake (guitar), Dan Schuchman(guitar), Justin McDaniels (bass) and Sean Hallock (drums). Their nervypost-punk-induced self-titled debut LP will drop Jan. 29 via theLoveless label.

What’s the Deal? Shake up a pinch of the Pixies and a dose of Black Rebel Motorcycle club with stormy instrumentation, the Shakeltonsarrives unrestrained. Using surprisingly clean drums, guitar, and bass,the ferocious five-piece create an introspective and strangelyattractive tumult of sound. The stony, vaguely frightening “Tremble”boasts edgy riffs to hit home its musings on love’s pains and problems.Such raw sonic analysis continues on “The Breaks,” where drummerHallock’s pinch-hitting delivery highlights the band’s D.C.punk-influenced layers. Through it all, Redding’s hypnotic vocals slicelike a growly, uninhibited David Byrne, especially on “Your Movement.”With Redding’s angsty outlook and the band’s steady backbeats, thisfour-minute nugget explodes in the middle for a frenzied tête-à-tête.

Fun Fact:The Shakeltons understand that a musician’s lifestyle isn’t allglamorous. “A long time ago, we opened for Our Lady Peace,” guitaristEric Fisake tells “We didn’t find out until we had arrivedthat the whole budget had been spent on this huge stage and to pay OurLady Peace, so all we got was a bag of pretzels and a $25 gas card.”Hopefully, the band didn’t fight over who got the last pretzel.

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The Shackeltons – “The Breaks”

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