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The Pack, ‘Based Boys’ (Up All Nite/ Jive)

When the sneaker-pimpin’, sleigh-bell-shakin’ hit “Vans” blew up online last year, these kids were poised to be the first bona fide breakout act for the forever-bubblin’ Bay Area hyphy scene (despite being performing- arts-school kids assisted by old-timer Too Short, one of the members’ uncles). Young L’s eccentric, electro-minimal tracks are the main draw on the group’s long-awaited debut full-length, and sadly, about the only draw. Lacking “Vans”-like concepts, the MCs drone on generically (and humorlessly) about cars and girls like Good Charlotte in stunna shades. Next to the colorful exuberance of hyphy vets like Mistah F.A.B., the Pack come off as entitled brats out of their depth.

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