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Frightened Rabbit, ‘Sings the Greys’ (FatCat)

Don’t believe the name — this fervent Scottish trio are anything but fearful, though they’re seriously jumpy. Like a young Billy Bragg who’s gulped a gallon of espresso, singer Scott Hutchison and crew play a crackling garage hybrid of punk and folk on their stimulating debut. The country blues-style “Behave!” finds Hutchison threatening to “make a mess on the stairs with my mouth”; on “Be Less Rude,” he unleashes a heated diatribe, exclaiming, “You should be less rude / You don’t know what it might do for ya,” sticking up for victims of bad manners everywhere.

Now Hear This: Frightened Rabbit – “Be Less Rude” DOWNLOAD MP3

Now Watch This: Frightened Rabbit – “The Greys”

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