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Kate Nash Performs ‘Birds,’ Details Love of Punk

Brighton, England’s Kate Nash — featured in the November issue of Spin — took a few minutes with during her last trip through New York City to discuss her chart-busting debut set, Made of Bricks,and perform the album’s most recent single, “Birds.” Poised amidstManhattan’s skyline, Nash strums through a solo acoustic rendition ofthe soft, gorgeous tune, and later sits down for brief chat, in whichshe describes the driving force behind her music (“Having opinions andpassion”), discovering and embracing punk music (“I don’t give a shitif they’re the best or not… just do something, be a part of amovement”), her sudden rise to fame (“It’s quite exciting, new,confusing and amazing, and, you know, unexpected”), and naturally, herfavorite band — the Beatles. “I don’t really trust people who don’tlike them,” says Nash.

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