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Born Ruffians

Who? Torontonians Luke LaLonde (guitar), Mitch DeRosier (bass), and Steve Hamelin (drums) make up Born Ruffians. They just finished recording their studio full-length debut, Red, Yellow and Blue, with producer Rusty Santos (Panda Bear, Animal Collective), set to debut next February on the WARP label. They are currently on tour with fellow Canadian indie rockers Caribou.

What’s the Deal? Generation Y’s short attention span and hyperactivity is epitomized in the Born Ruffians. Their songs feel like three songs in one, with changes so abrupt, you need a neck brace. On their newly released EP, Hummingbird, the guys pay homage to an American literary icon in “Kurt Vonnegut.” When they beckon with “won’t you come outside love?” you are compelled to agree as long as they promise they’re out there to meet you. A cover of Grizzly Bear’s “Knife” turns into something more Ruffian while LaLonde’s shrieking vocals scoop from note to note. Not too many other bands take so much pride in hooting and hollering. “Rather than sitting down and going, ‘This is the genre or song we want to write,’ we are just kind of open to whatever is going to happen,” Hamelin tells “When it feels right we all just know. We have this sixth sense.”

Fun Fact: When the guys were driving on the interstate in Illinois during their last tour, they got in what Hamelin calls “the most laid back accident” with their van. Ambulances were called and the other people tried to sue Hamelin and Co. for $15,000 each. The charges are still pending.�

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