Jessica Ford

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Born Ruffians

Who? Torontonians Luke LaLonde (guitar), Mitch DeRosier (bass), and Steve Hamelin (drums) make up Born Ruffians. They just finished recording their studio full-length debut, Red,…
Jessica Ford / October 31, 2007

Cut Off Your Hands

Who? New Zealanders Ricky "Be Cool" Ramirez (guitarist), Nick Johnston (vocals), Brent Harris (drums) and Philip Hadfield (bass) make up Cut off Your Hands. Their…
Jessica Ford / October 17, 2007

Fleet Foxes

Who? Seattle folk rockers Fleet Foxes features Robin Pecknold (vocals/guitar), Skye Skjelset (guitar), Casey Wescott (keyboards), Nicholas Peterson (drums), and Craig Curran (bass). The earnest…
Jessica Ford / August 30, 2007