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Nightmare of You Hit Dance Floor with a ‘Bang’

“We can go dancing if you want to but I’d rather take you home!” spouts seasoned music veteran (formerly of Confide and the Movielife) and Nightmare of You frontman Brandon Reilly, in the call to the dance floor cut “Bang.” Replete with searing guitars, mimicking lyrical harmonies, bombastic rhythms, and self-indulgent solos, Nightmare of You’s “Bang” marks a slight deviation from quartet’s characteristic sonic, the emoting, shadowy ’80s Manchester-tinged pop carved out of 2005’s self-titled debut LP. But the movement-charged perk is welcomed as “Bang” slashes its way through NYC’s glitzy downtown scene, seething imagery of black-on-black clad hipsters, meticulously mathematic hairdos, and of course, a little debauchery: “Into the floor you sink, with another drink.” Nightmare of You’s Bang EP drops Sept. 11 via the band’s own Bevonshire label.

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Nightmare of You – “Bang”

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