Electrelane, ‘No Shouts No Calls’ (Too Pure)

The English ladies of Electrelane do angelic and droney equally well, but it’s when they combine the two into a simmering twee-pop/kraut-rock stew that slight pleasures become tiny triumphs. The mix is better than ever on their fourth album: “The Greater Times” coaxes sunlight from murk, imagining Stereolab without the detached cool; and “After the Call” teases with sweet nothings before smashing with indie-fried guitars. Even when Electrelane ditch the cheer completely (as on the towering, Farfisa-led instru-metal “Five”), they inspire more smiles than growls.

Now Hear This: Electrelane – “To the East” DOWNLOAD MP3

Now Watch This: Electrelane – “To the East” https://www.youtube.com/embed/mlSfPmqiplY




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