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Magic Bullets

Who? Formed in 2004, vocalist Phillip Benson and guitarists Corey Cunningham and Ryan Lynch previously joined forces in Redwood City, CA band the Cosmos before tapping friends Nathan Sweatt (bassist), Colin Dobrin (drums) and Matthew Kallman (keyboards) to form Magic Bullets. Their debut album, a CHILD but in life yet a DOCTOR in love, drops May 29 via the indie imprint, Words on Music.

What’s the Deal? Perhaps the boys of Magic Bullets wish they had been born in Leeds or London, for the band profess a penchant for British mainstays such as the Sound, Orange Juice and the Wedding Present, even drawing influences from U.K. post-punk outfits like Gang of Four and Joy Division. Lynch’s cleanly calculated guitar melodies and Sweatt’s infectiously bold bass lines mesh seamlessly with Cunningham’s rhythmic strumming, particularly on songs like “Yesterday’s Seen Better Days” and “New Kicks”. Throw in Kallman’s meditative keyboarding and Dobrin’s reliable drum beats and you’ve got Magic Bullets’ recipe for success: powerful precision and impressive musicianship. The final ingredient is Benson’s chameleon-like voice, evoking similarities to Band of Horses’ Ben Bridwell and a controlled, toned down version of Hot Hot Heat’s Steve Bays’ yelping vocals.

Fun Fact: Guitarist Ryan Lynch plays in the same hockey league (San Francisco Adult Hockey League) as NOFX guitarist Eric Melvin of NOFX. Lynch’s team is called the Chieftans, named after a San Fran bar, while Melvin plays for the Foilers. Last game ended in a 2-2 tie! TIFFANY WAN

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Now Watch This: Magic Bullets – “Yesterday’s Seen Better Days”

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