Stranglers’ Hugh Cornwell Readies ‘Dirty Dozen’

Hugh Cornwell, frontman of genre-blending Brit outfit the Stranglers — whom we saw last at SXSW, where he told Spin editor Doug Brod about his love for Booker T. and the MGs and the state of punk — has announced the release of Dirty Dozen, a live record culling both Stranglers and solo tunes, arriving stateside June 26 via Invisible Hands. Tunes from Dirty Dozen span Cornwell’s career, ranging from “Goodbye Toulouse,” a tune from the Stranglers’ 1977 debut album, to “Always the Sun,” pulled from the band’s 1986 record Dreamtime, to “Picked Up By the Wind,” from Cornwell’s 2004 effort Beyond Elysian Fields. Although complete details have yet to be announced, stateside fans can catch Cornwell on tour this summer in support of the album.

Dirty Dozen tracklisting:

1. “Duchess”
2. “First Bus to Babylon”
3. “Goodbye Toulouse”
4. “Picked Up By the Wind”
5. “Hanging Around”
6. “Black Hair, Black Eyes, Black Suit”
7. “Always the Sun”
8. “Nerves of Steel”
9. “Nuclear Device”
10. “Putting You in the Shade”
11. “Walk on By”
12. “No More Heroes”

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