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Jamiroquai Singer Quits Music

Jay Kay, frontman of the London-based acid funk outfit Jamiroquai, has announced his retirement from making music. Having recently broken ties with longtime record label, SonyBMG, Jay Kay looks forward to not dealing with the pressures of the music industry. “I’ve had some ups and downs, but in the end the downs were just too many…I don’t want to go back on the road. We all need a rest to be honest,” he told the U.K.’s Daily Mirror. “I’m just tired of the format and wanted to call it a day with them.”

Although he mentioned that returning to music is a possibility if his inspiration returns, the eclectic Brit singer has other plans for his newfound free time. “All I’m going to do now is fly my helicopter and look for the right lady to have children with,” Jay Kay said.

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