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From Yorke to You: Thom Gives the Gift of Remix

Thom Yorke posted remixes of “Analyse” and “The Clock,” both fresh from his solo debut The Eraser, to his website yesterday. They will be available to download through next Monday, Dec. 18. More remixes are rumored to be on the way (and they’ll presumably be released for a limited time as well), and other than the ephemeral website appearances, there are no other plans to release the tracks.

“Analyse,” remixed by Various Productions, is a “deranged twist” on the original according to Yorke’s blog entries. “The Clock,” a call to preserve the decaying planet, was remixed by Surgeon, and Yorke noted that he is very proud of the final product. “He has turned it into something really hard. And disco,” Yorke wrote in his blog. “I hope it gets played in a club somewhere. Not that I get out much nowadays.”

Now Hear This:
Thom Yorke – “The Clock” (Surgeon Remix) DOWNLOAD MP3
Thom Yorke – “Analyse” (Various Remix) DOWNLOAD MP3

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