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The Lemonheads Stay Sweet

Touring to support their first studio album in ten years, the Lemonheads played a raucous set at Philly’s intimate North Star Bar replete with giddy, inebriated fan participation. Frontman (and sole original ‘Head) Evan Dando welcomed a guest vocalist from the crowd during “Mrs. Robinson,” and, later in the night, two crowd members joined the band on backup vocals while brandishing bottles of beer. Once a notorious partier, Dando took only a few sips in between songs and stayed loose, and was never less than entertaining. While treating the crowd to several deceptively simple, jangly solos, Dando evoked hints of Neil Young’s early years. And although he’s way past his status as an alternative rock hunk, a number of women in the audience managed to swoon anyway. BRETT HARRISON / PHOTOS BY EDWARD SCHICK

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We Asked: The Lemonheads got their name from a candy. What candy would make the perfect band name? COMMENT