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U2, Green Day ‘Saints’ Video

When the New Orleans Saints played in the Louisiana Superdome for their first game there since Hurricane Katrina hit, Green Day and U2 were there to kick off that emotional night, performing “The Saints Are Coming” during the pre-show. Since then, much buzz has been brewing surrounding the single, which will be featured in U2’s upcoming “best of” album (read more) and whose profits will in part benefit Music Rising, the campaign co-formed by U2’s the Edge to help bring music back to the Gulf Coast region. Now the video for the ubiquitous tune has dropped, and as it intersperses live footage from the bands’ Superdome performance with chilling coverage from news outlets, some fans remember Katrina while others wonder if Green Day and U2 could have spent their time doing something more beneficial for the storm-ravaged territory.

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“This was quite a chilling video. Old news brought back to be new. Good job for Greenday and U2.” — essipanda

“Wow. This video is amazing. I started crying because it is bitter sweet. I’m sad when i think about those horrible couple of weeks right after the storm, but then when they show green day and U2 playing on the first night that we were back in the Superdome. It brings tears of joy just thinking about how great it is that I’m lucky enough to be back home.” — maddie6492

“I am a survivor of Katrina in New Orleans I am thankful for still being here and able to hear such great music as this. It is helping me deal will losing everything and the life that I had in New Orleans. Thanks for making the video.” — sroneal

“Why spend all of that money to make a video about how much they care about the world when they could spend that money to care about the world?” — Woss42

U2, Green Day Play New Orleans
Green Day, U2 Rock Superdome

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