Kevin Federline Tapped for ‘Hardcore Musical’

Kevin Federline is becoming something of a renaissance man: Dancer, rapper, model, baggy pants aficionado, and now he’s adding actor to his repertoire with a role in an upcoming film. The rapper, best known for his role as “husband” in the soap opera life of Britney Spears, will appear in rapper/actor Sticky Fingaz’ Caught on Tape, a film about a boy who secretly videotapes his mother’s boyfriend plotting a crime. Cedric the Entertainer, Vivica A. Fox, and Bokeem Woodbine are also set to star in the flick.

Caught On Tape is a hardcore musical, lot of violence, lot of sex, lot of action, lot of drama, lot of sentiment and romance as well,” Sticky told the U.K.’s Sun. “It’s the first time this has ever been done. Kev Fed is going to be in it, it’s his acting debut. He’s really cool, he’s dope.” Don’t peg Sticky K-Fed’s No. 1 fan yet, though. The director recalled almost being run off the road by paparazzi trying to take pictures of Federline. “I’m like, ‘Dude, hey, I’m the talent,'” Sticky said. “He’s just married to somebody.”

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