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It’s Mixel Pixel’s Party…

Brooklyn electro-punks Mixel Pixel are eyeing a Halloween release date for their debut full-length, Music for Plants, which shouldn’t come as considering their tunes are sublimely spooky. “Switchblade Sister” is awash with tinny synthetic pulses and squiggles, as well as thin boy-girl harmonies that are as melodic as they are eerie. The track takes a more conventional approach with its subject matter — the break-up — than it does with its experimental sound. “It’s about aimless wandering and the manic feelings of rejection that come with splitting up,” the band’s founder, Rob Corradetti, tells And though Corradetti sings about a “party going on” in it, the frontman reveals the soiree mentioned in his song is more akin to the one Lesley Gore cries about in “It’s My Party” than to some celebratory bash.

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