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Earl Greyhound

Who: New York trio Earl Greyhound formed in 2002 when guitarist/vocalist Matt Whyte joined forces with bassist/vocalist Kamara Thomas to perform as a duo in New York and Los Angeles. After experimenting with a slew of drummers, including current Grizzly Bear drummer Chris Bear, the pair eventually brought on heavy-hitter Ricc Sheridan to round out their line-up. The band are releasing their debut album, Soft Targets, via Some Records.

What’s the Deal: With his guitars drenched in thick layers of fuzz, Whyte conjures up some seriously heavy riffs in the spirit of Led Zeppelin and T. Rex. The album kicks off with the supercharged “S.O.S,” featuring Whyte’s spacey vocals over a churning sea of distortion, and “Monkey,” with its brain-bending time signature and deafening drumming, is eight minutes of aural ambush. But the band never forget the melodies, and even the break-up song (“It’s Over”) is a catchy, bouncy affair.

Fun Fact: If the band ever decide to give up rocking for more reliable work, they can always return to their fast paced day jobs: “Kamara sold fish, Matt tended bar, and Ricc bided his time watching Mahavishnu and Buddy Rich VHS tapes,” a source close to the band tells ELI SCHWIMMER

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