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Microsoft’s Rival to the iPod

Tech blog Engadget has unveiled a picture of what Microsoft’s forthcoming and highly-anticipated MP3 player might look like, and it’s already earning buzz as the digital music device to unseat the iPod. The name for the gadget has been reported as either “Argo” or “The Zune,” and its highlights are said to include a screen display bigger than that of the iPod video and built-in WiFi capabilities that will allow users to not only download music directly to the device, but also engage in social networks akin to participating in the Xbox Live community. To persuade those in Apple’s camp to trade in their trusty iPods, Microsoft will also make their device compatible with music bought in iTunes’ music stores. Insiders speculate the MP3 player will hit streets sometime in November.

Here’s what the people are saying:

“If this is it, then I’m impressed. Not bad looking at all. Hopefully MS will ship players with 100GB hard drives ’cause I have mad music to store.” — Jimmy,

“WHAT AN IPOD RIP!” — diulei,

“Poor Microsoft, always wearing last year’s prom dress. Apple is just waiting to rain on Bill’s parade with their gen. 6 wide-screen iPod.” — Bakafish,

“I support Microsoft — this product is bound to have more features and functionality then just playing music.” — marcin,

“I don’t believe they will be able to take the number one spot from Apple, though I do think they’ll hurt companies like iRiver and Creative.” — hybrid8,

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