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Who? Las Vegas’ YouInSeries — Kyle Lobeck (vocals), Logan Lanning (guitar/vocals), Chris Davila (guitar), Jacob Kirkegard (bass), Cheyne Smith (drums) — release their debut album, Outside We Are Fine.

What’s the Deal? Outside We Are Fine is an apt title for YouInSeries’ first album, which puts up an “everything’s fine” front with lush instrumentals and stirringly melodic guitars, but Lobeck’s angst-ridden vocals offset the aural bliss. Channeling post-hardcore brethren like Circa Survive and Thrice, YouInSeries’ debut is alternately aggressive and intensely emotive.

Fun Facts: Lanning came up with the concept of YouInSeries during a college creative writing class. A loose version of the tenets of existentialism, Lanning’s theory is that we have to learn to embrace the present, and put ourselves in a series of events.

Now Hear This: YouInSeries – “The Watcher” (Download MP3)

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