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Angels & Airwaves

Who? Angels & Airwaves feature Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge (vocals, guitar); Hazen Street/Box Car Racer guitarist David Kennedy; ex-Distillers bassist Ryan Sinn; and the Offspring’s Atom Willard. Their debut album, We Don’t Need to Whisper, hits stores today.

What’s the Deal? Angels & Airwaves’ ambitious first effort finds DeLonge tapping into his serious side — yes, he’s got one! — with prose about surreal dreams and atmospheric instrumentals beefed up with U2-inspired riffs. Ahhh.

Fun Facts: If the album’s liner notes have a Jedi-like feel to them, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. “We worked with George Lucas’ right hand man for some of the artwork,” DeLonge told

Now Hear This: Stream all of Angels & Airwaves’ debut disc! (Windows Media — PC only)

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On the Web: Angels & Airwaves’ official site