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Fiery Furnaces Represent for Granddaughters

Having already put out an album for the grandmothers of world, the Fiery Furnaces have shifted their focus to the granddaughters.

The Chicago-bred brother-sister duo will release their latest album, Bitter Tea, on April 18 on Fat Possum Records. Recorded at the same time as last year’s Rehearsing My Choir, which featured their 82-year-old grandmother on vocals, Bitter Tea is more rock-oriented than its predecessor. Matthew Friedberger, one half of the pair that includes sister Eleanor, has called the album both “a very girly record,” and “Sissy Psychedelic Satanism.”

Track titles include “Police Sweater Blood Vow,” “Waiting To Know” and “Teach Me, Sweetheart,” a track that highlights the vocal prowess of Eleanor, whom brother Matt calls “the finest lady vocalist in rock-n-roll for the past twenty-five years.”

As previously reported, the Furnaces are on tour in support of Bitter Tea and Rehearsing My Choir through February. They will also perform at SXSW.

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