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Friday Five: 12.09.05

So, the Husky G column has been somewhat dormant for awhile; let’s just say I prefer hibernation in warm weather. In the cold months, I’m much more prone to running around town and soaking up the goodness, and, in turn, delivering said goodness to you. Many moons ago I did a little column called Fresh Friday Five for our sister mag, Vibe, that got delivered to people’s mobile phones and gave a few hot picks for the week. I thought it might be cool to start that up again now, so here goes, short and sweet.

Keith, “Unsold Thoughts”
Brandon Reilly from Nightmare of You tipped me off — very emphatically — to this Manchester-based outfit that recently supported NOY in the U.K. Their website bio begins with a press quote comparing them to the Beta Band. I’d say they remind me more of South, but with much moodier moments and much prettier vocals, courtesy of Oli Bayston.
Download MP3 | Keith official site

Blackbud, “Heartbeat”
This is a grand debut single from another exciting British band. “Tell me what you’d give to be woken by a kiss in the morning light,” swoons frontman Joe Taylor in a voice that recalls a less histrionic Jeff Buckley. Sexy for sure, but wait until the chorus struts out front with its bold guitar strokes.
Windows Audio (Hi) | Windows Video (Hi) | Blackbud official site

Metallic Converse Chuck Taylors
Our awesome online design team unearthed these beauties for our Holiday Gift Guide, and I had to have them, although in my favorite color, silver. Bow to my bling.
Buy from Converse

National Geographic, Dec. ’05 issue
Sea monsters! Must click through and be sure to check out the sea monster animations.
National Geographic Dec. issue page

Group Sounds, “Things Fall Apart” video
A lot of people seem to love this clip from NYC-based quartet Group Sounds. Call it Girls Gone Sorta Wild, a rock video casting call turned into reality TV-styled fun.
Watch video | Group Sounds official site