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L.A. Punk Photographer Stages ‘Class Picture’

If you had a college roommate who professed a love of jazz, you’ve seen a poster-sized version of the legendary Art Kane photograph, “A Great Day in Harlem,” which depicts a gaggle of jazz greats in various states of repose on a Harlem street. Gary Leonard, who followed the Los Angeles punk scene in the ’80s, is shooting “A Great Day in L.A,” as a punk homage to Kane, but this time there will be safety pins and leather jackets instead of trombones and three-piece suits. Leonard plans to photograph the punk veterans at Barnsdall Art Park on September 4 during Arthurfest. “[The] L.A. scene that went by relatively unknown by the mainstream,” Leonard told the Hollywood Reporter. “There was something important that happened, and it should be recognized.” Leonard also has a weekly photojournalism column in the Los Angeles CityBeat called “Take My Picture.” The two-day Arthurfest includes Sonic Youth, Sleater-Kinney, Spoon, and Yoko Ono and will take place in Barnsdall Art Park on September 4-5 (read more).

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Gary Leonard