Gang of Four Reunion Album Set

In this era when imitators elicit the phrase “so-and-so is the poor man’s Gang of Four,” it’s a breath of fresh air when the real Gang is back in the studio. On October 11, Gang of Four will release Return the Gift, the first album in twenty years to feature the original GoF line-up of Jon King, Andy Gill, Hugo Burnham, and Dave Allen. There will be three different versions of Return the Gift. One U.S. version will include re-recorded Gang hits and a second U.S. version will have remixes by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Dandy Warhols, and Ladytron, among others. The third version, a U.K.-only double disc set, will be a combination of the two U.S. discs. Gang of Four singer Jon King explains why the band decided to get back together in the past year or so. “Almost every day we hear echoes of us in new music inspired by what we did,” King says. “Gang of Four was and is a vehicle we use to reinvent ourselvesin which — if we find the right sound, the right silence, the right word, the right move — we could change our, and maybe others’ lives into something dangerous and powerful.”

Return the Gift U.S. track listing:

1. To Hell With Poverty
2. Damaged Goods
3. Natural’s Not In It
4. Not Great Men
5. Why Theory?
6. Anthrax
7. Paralysed
8. What We All Want
9. Ether
10. He’d Send in the Army
11. Capital
12. I Love A Man In A Uniform
13. At Home He’s A Tourist
14. We Live As We Dream, Alone


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