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Punk World Mourns Another and the Fiery Furnaces Ignite for a Cause

Punk World Mourns Another

So-cal drummer Derrick Plourde, a member of several seminal punk and pop punk acts including Lagwagon and the Ataris, passed away on Wednesday. Though the cause of death has not been officially released, the Ataris website says Plourde died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. The lead singer of the Ataris, Kris Roe, wrote an alternatively touching and silly eulogy to Plourde. “Make sure that when you see Keith Moon and John Bonham up there,” Roe writes, “that you give them plenty of shit and make them laugh like no one else could do.”

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Fiery Furnaces Ignite for a Cause

Jumping on the cause-havin’-bandwagon are the Fiery Furnaces: they’ve taken up the fight against fur (and hurting puppies). In interview on a PETA website, singer Matthew Friedberger plumbs the depths of his personal ideology with statements like, “I just couldn’t deal with the idea of eating another animal when I didn’t need to.” The Furnaces are also launching a cruelty free tour this spring, with dates throughout the south and northeast. The tour will culminate with the Coachella Festival on May 1st in Indio, California.

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