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  • James Murphy, LCD Soundsystem

    Us v Them: James Murphy Sues DFA Cofounder Tim Goldsworthy

    Where are James Murphy's friends tonight? Because there's one of them who might need to get served with legal papers.The former LCD Soundsystem frontman has sued his former partner in the influential DFA production duo, Tim Goldsworthy, as reports (via Pitchfork). In a complaint filed in a New York City civil court on Friday, Murphy demands $93,899 on claims that Goldsworthy broke his contract and took money for services he failed to perform. The lawsuit says Goldsworthy rejected settlement offers.Murphy and Goldsworthy launched DFA Records with Jonathan Galkin in 2001, and the label is also suing Goldsworthy for lawyers' fees and damages.

  • Fall Out Boy, Patrick Stump

    Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump Wants You to Stop Hating Nickelback (and He Isn't Wrong)

    Fall Out Boy's upcoming album, Save Rock and Roll, might have its work cut out to achieve its title, but frontman Patrick Stump is at least trying to save how we talk about pop culture.In a 1,300-word blog post on Sunday morning, Stump compellingly argues that our online pop-culture discourse revolves around what we all ignorantly dismiss rather than what we love. And that this conversation based on loudly ripping on bands, singers, and actors without really knowing about them reveals our crippling insecurity about being caught liking the wrong bands, singers, or actors.He's not saying only professional critics should be allowed to have opinions. He's just suggesting maybe we all as consumers of pop culture could spend our time more wisely than by trashing Nickelback again.

  • Dave Grohl, Bono

    Dave Grohl's Full, Star-Studded 'Sound City' Soundtrack Is Now Streaming

    Dave Grohl is living the dream, as our own Chris Martins recounted in SPIN's newest cover story. Along with being able to direct Soundgarden videos at whim, guest on Queens of the Stone Age records alongside everybody from Trent Reznor to Elton John, and screen a documentary tribute to a now-defunct recording studio, part of the dream entails being able to put out an all-star album with Stevie Nicks, Paul McCartney, and more. The resulting Sound City soundtrack album, Sound City: Real to Reel, isn't out until March 12, but it's streaming now via NPR. Listen quickly, because Grohl will probably have another LP ready by the time you're done.

  • 'Harlem Shake' Like an Egyptian: Viral Craze Ruffles Authorities Worldwide

    Freedom, it's easy to forget, includes being able to act really silly for no good reason. The Beatles, for instance, were still in their innocent, "Can't Buy Me Love" phase when the authorities in the Soviet Union started banning them. So it's probably only logical that Baauer's still-viral "Harlem Shake" video craze has wound up becoming a vehicle for public protest in the Middle East.After blowing up in the United States, inspiring Azealia Banks, getting a 17-year-old arrested, hitting the Hot 100 jackpot, and inspiring litigious prayer, "Harlem Shake" has caught on as a form of political demonstration in Egypt.

  • Green Day, Billie Joe Armstrong

    Green Day Won't Rush 'Half-Assed' Album With Billie Joe Out of Rehab

    Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong was in a bad place with pills and alcohol before checking into rehab last year, and he's fighting to stay on the straight and narrow now. In the new issue of Rolling Stone, Armstrong goes into details about his blackouts and how they affected his band, his family, and his personal outlook. But the basic arc — rocker self-destructs, rocker (you hope) puts himself back together — shouldn't be a surprise.What's heartening news is Armstrong's confirmation at the end of the piece that, after releasing three albums in a four-month span late last year (¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tré!), he's already working on new songs. And, maybe just as hearteningly, he's going to take it easier this time.

  • KIm Dotcom, extradition, court appeal

    Kim Dotcom's Legal Dramedy Possibly Headed to a U.S. Courtroom Near You

    Kim Dotcom is one court ruling closer to finding out that, as one of the many songs you used to be able to download via his shuttered Megaupload service quasi-patriotically proclaims, it's so sexy to be living in America.The United States won an appeal earlier today as it seeks to extradite the file-sharing mogul from New Zealand, as the AP reports. His extradition hearing is slated for August. An earlier ruling would have given Dotcom extensive access to evidence against him. Now, the appeals court has found that all the extra documents would slow the process down unnecessarily and Dotcom's lawyers will have to get by with a synopsis of the government's case. The purpose of the hearing, the court pointed out, isn't to prove guilt or innocence, just that the U.S.

  • French Montana

    French Montana Fan Dies in Drive-By Shooting After Philadelphia Concert

    One person died and another is wounded after a drive-by shooting following French Montana's sold-out concert in Philadelphia last night, police say, according to the AP. The driver fired at a throng of people standing around Montana's tour bus. A 27-year-old man, shot in the midsection, was pronounced dead at the hospital, and another man, said to be in stable condition, took a shot to the shoulder; neither has been identified.As the AP reports, police said the shooting took place around 11:30 p.m., as a crowd was developing outside Montana's bus when a car drove up and shots started ringing out. The chief inspector for Philadelphia's police, Scott Small, said fans and some of Montana's entourage "were loitering and just hanging out." Small noted that there may have been return fire.A police spokeswoman told the AP that no arrests were announced yet and police were still investigating.

  • Stone Temple Pilots, Scott Weiland

    Scott Weiland Dismisses Stone Temple Pilots Firing as Publicity Stunt

    Tonight, Scott Weiland kicks off his Purple at the Core tour, where he plans to play some of Stone Temple Pilots' early-'90s hits. What's increasingly unclear is whether he's still a member of that alternative-rock band, which he co-founded. On Wednesday morning, STP unceremoniously announced it had fired the longtime frontman. Later that day, Weiland issued his own statement questioning whether the rest of the group had legal standing to fire him in the first place.Now, in an airport video interview posted by TMZ, Weiland has made a more definitive statement, denying STP have split up at all. "STP's not broken up," he said. "It's a whole thing to just try to boost ticket sales." He said the band is contractually prevented from carrying on without him.

  • Beyoncé, Jay-Z

    Want Beyonce Tickets? Hip-Hop Mogul Would Let You Trade in Your Guns

    Beyoncé tickets are hard to come by. Guns aren't. A millionaire hip-hop mogul has a plan to make those two realities work together.As the New York Daily News reports, Family Tree Entertainment chief Michael "Blue" Williams has proposed a program that would give mentorships and Beyoncé concert tickets to young African-American and Latino men who turn in their firearms. New York's police commissioner, Raymond Kelly, told the Daily News his department is still studying the proposal. It would basically be a private-sector version of the city's existing buyback program, which provides up to $250 for guns given up anonymously.Williams, who has managed OutKast and Cee Lo Green, noted that Beyoncé is set to perform at Brooklyn's Barclays Center in August, while Jay-Z is slated to take Yankee Stadium with Justin Timberlake in July.

  • Morrissey

    Morrissey Flips His Veggie Beef on Paul McCartney as L.A. Show Looms

    It's Morrissey week! Which is kind of like Shark Week. Except with a whole lot less meat-eating.To recap: Yes, Morrissey has said his sold-out show at Los Angeles' Staples Center on Friday night will be meat-free. Yes, the venue itself has begged to differ. Yes, Morrissey canceled a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! because he'd be appearing alongside the cast of a hunting-based reality TV show called Duck Dynasty, and then Kimmel aired dumb jokes about guns and how vegetables are "yuppie food," and then Morrissey pwned Kimmel on all fronts (mental health, obesity, Sandy Hook, Kimmel, "intellectual fog"). Yes, Moz told teenage girls that only heterosexual men kill people.You might think all of that might be enough extra-musical controversy for the 53-year-old former Smiths singer.

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