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    Strictly Commercial: Oneohtrix Point Never on the Found Sound of 'Replica'

    This week, Oneohtrix Point Never mastermind Daniel Lopatin will release Replica, his finest full-length under that particular guise. It's a dense, dystopian, sometimes disorienting fantasia of loops and dronescapes the synth purist crafted after sifting through hours of old television commercials for sound. Listen to the full record while reading SPIN's recent chat with Lopatin about Cocoa Krispies and amazing synths: I've always been curious as to why, if at all, you've sort of gravitated toward and worked with the equipment you have so intensely.I have a Roland Juno 60 and I have an Akai AX-60. The Juno is something I've had for a really long time. It's the first thing I learned how to create sound with, and I know it really well. The comfort with it is just ridiculous. I just know every feature of it so well, I can kind of do whatever I want with it.

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    Witness the Evolution of Western Dance Music Unfold in 15 Seconds

    Late last week, British travel bookings company Thomsen Holidays posted a helpful infographic on its blog in hopes of helping prospective music tourists. It's one of the more engaging pieces of music journalism we've encountered this year. Titled "How Music Travels: The Evolution of Western Dance Music," it's an interactive graphic that charts, by way of multicolored constellations, the ways in which Western dance music (i.e. the driving force behind a recent issue of SPIN) has grown, cross-pollinated, and shape-shifted over the past 200 hundred years. You can watch the dots connect themselves, 200 hundred years scrunched into just under 15 seconds, or, you can control the pace of time yourself. Either way, it's bound to prove more fruitful than creeping on Facebook this weekend.

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    Grab a Back-to-Basics New Mountain Goats Track

    Just 16 hours ago, Mountain Goats main man John Darnielle found himself in a generous mood. "So I looked over toward the right and see that I crested 25k followers recently," he tweeted. "This calls for an unreleased song giveaway in my opinion." That unreleased song was "thucydides II-58", a strummy, roughly hewn return to Darnielle's lo-fi roots (purists, be still!) and "explicitly ancient-world-related" throwback he shared by way of tweet shortly thereafter.

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    First Spin: Stream Torche and Part Chimp's Split EP

    This Saturday, Chunklet will release an extraordinarily mangy split 12" between Miami metal outfit Torche and their friends in Part Chimp, a London-based crew of grunge and sludge enthusiasts that are actually gearing up to call it a day. The EP is the latter's last U.S. release (penultimate worldwide) and one set to coincide with their forthcoming tour with the former. Below, you can stream it in its entirety: On the A-side, Torche turn in three select Guided By Voices covers while on the flip, Part Chimp offer up two hefty originals.

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    Video Premiere: Ashtar Command's Daft Arts-Produced 'Mark IV'

    Ashtar Command is the songwriting and recording vehicle of Brian Liesegang and Chris Holmes, a Los Angeles-based everydude whose résumé is as hair-raising as his rolodex. (Highlights: He is Paul McCartney's warm-up DJ, his project's full-length debut, American Sunshine, is being co-released by Shepard Fairey's Obey imprint). The Matt Ornstein-directed clip below for "Mark IV," an alt-rock bliss-out from said debut, was produced collaboratively by Lodger Films and Daft Punk's production company, Daft Arts, and features a supernatural narrative at one with Holmes' passion for exactly that. It also features a cameo from actor Trevor Morgan, or, as we gasped upon seeing it halfway through our first viewing, "that kid from Jurassic Park III!"Scalable, non-watermarked brightcove.createExperiences();

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    Video Premiere: Gauntlet Hair's 'Keep Time'

    To film the video for "Keep Time," a highlight from Gauntlet Hair's recently released self-titled debut LP, directors Bernardo Pantoja and Skyler Stevenson (both of Wooden Lens) hit the hardscrabble streets of Portland's "industrial sector." (Feel free to insert your own Portland joke here. Or watch our video where Portlandia stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein are dressed like death metal fans.) While we've probably been pretty fast and loose with the word "frightening" recently (Halloween and all!), this is not a clip for wimps. Or anyone else made uncomfortable by the sight of young people with shifty eyes.brightcove.createExperiences();

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    Video Premiere: Lost Lander's Crazy Montage 'Cold Feet'

    Lost Lander is a new project from sometime Ramona Falls members Matt Sheehy and Brett Knopf (who you also know from indie rock experimentalists Menomena). Below you'll find the Jonnie Ross-directed clip for "Cold Feet," an earworm from their debut LP, DRRT, out January 24. Using just his iPhone, Ross shot an entire night's worth of what he saw on television, then cut it up to create "a commentary on the over-stimulation of being alive and in front of a computer/television/iPhone." We were already kinda worried about that... now we are very worried.brightcove.createExperiences();

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    Video Premiere: Pure X's 'Surface'

    Below you'll find the foggy, Malcolm Elijah-directed clip for "Surface," a cut from Pleasure, the debut LP from Austin slow-burn princes Pure X. It has the very distinct feel of a lock-in, save for the clouds of hash (just a guess) and total lack of adult chaperones present.

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    Watch Skrillex Signee Zedd's New 'Shave It' Video

    Three dudes in black wearing burlap masks break into a closed-door warehouse party. The bass burbles and burps. Inside they find themselves surrounded by a sea of ladies unlike any you've (read: we've) seen before. They are not there to socialize. Instead, they grab the bearded don in the corner and take him for a ride. The bass remains impolite, they're all headed somewhere outside of town, it's all a little unclear. So (sort of) goes the new visual for "Shave It", a dubstep-ish cut from German electro-house producer (and recent Skrillex signee) Zedd:brightcove.createExperiences();

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    First Spin: Cloud Nothings' 'No Future No Past'

    On January 24, Carpark will release Attack on Memory, the second full-length from Cleveland-native Dylan Baldi's Cloud Nothings project. It's a leap. Over the past two years, Baldi has been cranking out recordings at a bewildering clip, from mangy cassette and 7" releases to the much shinier self-titled debut LP he dropped earlier this year. Whatever his recording budget, every cut has been spring-loaded with pop smarts, and in July, Baldi took some new ideas into the studio with producer (and Shellac frontman) Steve Albini in Chicago — a move akin to sending your songbook to the weight room for a summer. He left with a disc that's far more mean, muscular, and strong-jawed than anything he's shared to date, but the album still amplifies his ear for craft. "No Future No Past" is its thunderous opener: DOWNLOAD

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