• Haim Alana Haim My Song 5 Asap Ferg Picture Disc

    Haim to Release Vinyl Single Shaped Like Alana Haim

    Just a month after their strange daytime talk show video for "My Song 5" the Los Angeles sisters in Haim have decided to move in on Jack White's monopoly of weird special edition vinyl. According to their Twitter, the new 7-inch release for "My Song 5," which features the A$AP Ferg remix on the b-side, comes in the shape of guitarist and youngest sister Alana Haim. Check out a photo of the record below, and for more read SPIN's 2013 cover story on the band. You can pre-order the single now on Amazon.

  • Trent Reznor Atticus Ross Gone Girl David Fincher Score Preview Stream

    Hear a Seedy Excerpt From Trent Reznor's Massage Parlor-Inspired 'Gone Girl' Score

    Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross made some unsettling promises about their upcoming score for David Fincher's Gone Girl. In a Wall Street Journal article earlier this month, the duo claimed that it was inspired by "the really terrible music you hear in massage parlors" and said that the sounds eventually start to "curdle and unravel" into something even more sinister. Today, however, you can better judge for yourself. We've already heard a short clip of the soundtrack in a trailer released in April. But now there's a more extended excerpt streaming now on Nine Inch Nails' website, and it's an appropriately seedy and unnerving melange of distant synth moans. You'll be able to hear the full score when Gone Girl is in theaters, starting October 3.

  • Run the Jewels Michael Winslow Police Academy Oh My Darling Don't Cry Stream

    Run the Jewels Recruit 'Police Academy' Star Michael Winslow on 'Oh My Darling Don't Cry'

    In the past month, Killer Mike has taken on a second career as a guest political commentator on outlets as wide as CNN, Fox News, and TMZ, but he's also been prepping the second full-length album from his duo with El-P, Run the Jewels. That record is out October 27, but they've shared a new single today via Adult Swim that features Police-Academy-sound-effects dude Michael Winslow as a "guest robot voice."In addition to the apocalyptic rhyming on the single, Mike and El-P have also shared news of the Run the Jewels 2 pre-order program, which features a whole host of standard packages and some stuff that's a little... weirder. For $10 you can snag a .wav or FLAC download of the new record, $26 gets you a double LP, but then things just get stranger from there.

  • Chris Brown Trey Songz Tuesday Remix Ilovemakonnen

    Chris Brown and Trey Songz Love Makonnen on 'Tuesday' Remix

    Ever since he received the coveted Drake bump, Atlanta weirdo iLoveMakonnen has become something of a hot property. Even aside from being named one of SPIN's Best New Artists for September, the DIY rapper has begun to receive attention from producers and A-listers across the globe, not the least of which are Chris Brown and Trey Songz. Over the weekend, the two R&B godheads hopped on "Tuesday," the same Sonny Digital and Metro Boomin-produced song that Drake first took on, for a bleary and altogether unfaithful remix.Though it rejects the downtrodden spirit of Makonnen's original, Trey and Breezy channel the salacious spirit of each of their recent solo albums and prove a pretty solid match for one another. Fortunately, if you're into this you'll have a chance to see them both in action this fall: Brown tweeted last month that the pair would be headed out a co-headlining tour.

  • Weird Womb Laziness Midriff Stream

    Hear Weird Womb's Dreggy Punk Daymare 'Macy'

    Just a month after the release of their nostalgically minded 7-inch Ruined by the 90's, the Brooklyn punks in Weird Womb are set to return with a new EP later this month. Though it's called Laziness, it's clearly the result of anything but. They've already issued one dreggy single called "Luxury Punks," but today the quartet returns with another bundle of frayed nerves called "Macy," a similarly scummy mess of blown out bass riffs and gnarled vocalizations. If this squealing daymare of post-Metz art-punk is the result of laziness, well, you can only imagine what it'd be like if they really tried.Laziness is out September 23 on Midriff Records.

  • Peter Gutteridge The Chills The Clean Indie Rock Icon

    New Zealand Indie Rock Icon Peter Gutteridge Dies

    Peter Gutteridge, a founding member of the Clean and the Chills, has died in his early 50s according to a statement released yesterday by Flying Nun Records. Gutteridge was a pioneer of New Zealand indie rock, playing a big part in crafting what became known as the "Dunedin Sound," the jangly, off-kilter strand of guitar pop popularized by the two projects he founded and emulated by bands worldwide for years to come.In addition to those two bands, Gutteridge was a member of the Great Unwashed and fronted his own noisier project called Snapper in the 90s. He played his first United States show ever earlier this month.Though he was never vaulted to widespread commercial success, his work remains incredibly influential to this day.

  • Lorde Kanye West Flashing Lights Bon Iver Heavenly Father Cover Video

    Watch Lorde's Swooning Cover of Kanye West's 'Flashing Lights'

    Lorde is presently in the midst of her latest long string of tour dates in support of her accomplished debut Pure Heroine, and as Pitchfork point out, she's been taking some time out of those sets to pay tribute to a couple of her idols. At a recent stop in Philadelphia, as well as at three other dates, the art-pop wunderkind has performed swooning renditions of Kanye West's Graduation single "Flashing Lights" and Bon Iver's contribution to the Wish I Was Here soundtrack "Heavenly Father." You can catch fan-shot footage of the former above and the latter below.

  • Beyonce Jay Z On The Run Tour Bang Bang Short Film Video

    Beyonce and Jay Z Go 'On the Run' in a 'French New Wave'-Inspired Short Film

    In one of the trailers released for Beyoncé and Jay Z's forthcoming concert documentary about their "On the Run" tour, the beloved singer performs a smoky rendition of Nancy Sinatra's "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)" for her husband. As it turns out, the clip is more than an artsy non sequitur. It's part of a trilogy of short films called Bang Bang that the duo, along with director Dikayl Rimmasch, put together to play during their tour.Rimmasch told Nowness that the videos were meant to evoke the same sort of feelings as the "magical moment of cinema" that was the "French new wave." There's echoes of the strange humor of films like Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless in moments like when Jay Z's puts out his cigar in a diner patron's hamburger or fires a gun at a mailbox out of a moving car.

  • Primus Teamed With Tool's Drummer Danny Carey For a Grimy Cover of 'Ænema'

    Primus Teamed With Tool's Drummer Danny Carey For a Grimy Cover of 'Ænema'

    To gear up for the release of their Willy Wonka-inspired concept album, Primus have set out on a small string of tour dates bookended by their Riot Fest appearances. Unfortunately, their usual drummer Tim Alexander is at home recovering from heart surgery, but they've managed to borrow a more than competent replacement. Drummer Danny Carey, currently on loan from Tool, began his fill-in stint Friday at Chicago's Concord Music Hall, and the prog-funk pranksters decided to perform a grimy rendition of "Ænema" to celebrate.Though all that's surfaced so far is some blown out fan-shot footage, via Consequence of Sound, it looks like a pretty stellar run through of a typically serpentine instrumental. Be sure to watch that above and check out a bonus Carey drum solo below. It'll hopefully hold you over until Tool manage to free themselves from their complicated legal drama.

  • Kanye West Wheelchair Sydney Show Rant The Good Life Stand Up Video

    Kanye West Stops Sydney Show Because Fan in a Wheelchair Won't Stand Up

    As the latest leg of his Yeezus tour makes its way through Australia, Kanye West has introduced a brief segment in his show where he pauses and attempts to get everyone in the audience on their feet before continuing into the following song.

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